- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Actor (Kingslayer, Game of Thrones)



What’s more impressive than carrying almost 500lbs for 100 feet?

More impressive than rowing and skiing within 15% of the world record?

More impressive than losing 22lbs of body fat and packing on a stone of lean muscle?

More impressive than being able to knock out just under ten Chin-Ups at over 16 stone bodyweight?

What Michael has achieved transcends all of these immense feats, and in truth embodies the true, deeper, hidden meaning of what Real World Fitness really means to us.




From being a self confessed commercial gym rat, who began to feel pain and discomfort at work, due to unknowingly reinforcing dysfunctional movement patterns with his training, to becoming the healthiest, strongest, leanest and most athletic he’s been in his life.

David’s Performance Data:

– 22 X Bodyweight Chin-Ups
– Double Body Weight Farmer’s Walks
– 140kg Beltless, Barefoot Squats for reps
– 100kg+ Bench Press
– 135m Body Weight Sled Sprint

Don’t let David’s demeanor fool you, although he’s probably one of the warmest, nicest, funniest people to we’ve encountered – the guy is up there with the most driven and dedicated people to have ever walked through our doors.



“I woke up unable to walk. Terrifying…”

Joel’s powerful, honest and inspirational journey whilst at HENCH: from regaining the ability to move again after an accident whilst parachuting – to eventually go on to months later to push over 300KG.

His unflinching determination earned him the nickname of The Cyborg amongst his fellow HENCHMEN, and deservedly so – well done Joel.



“I’ve been to a lot of different gyms…. I should have picked HENCH sooner. I feel that training at HENCH is so well rounded that it has made me stronger, and have that ability to push through discomfort.”

Like all of our members, Neil has an extremely busy life outside of the gym with huge demands on his time. As a Doctor and a competitive athlete, he is left with little time and no room to gamble when it comes to his strength and conditioning and physical preparation.

His goals were to work on injury prevention, to get stronger, fitter and more physically prepared for an upcoming hockey season. With over 20 years of experience of playing, Neil initially sought out HENCH to tell him what he needed to do to improve as a player, fed up with diminished returns of training on his own.

This year, Neil followed his instincts and abandoned the commercial gym and training on his own – and is now stronger, leaner (shredded), fitter and more athletic than he has ever been in his life.



Toxic company and toxic habits are what lead to Eoin walking through our doors on a wet winter night four years ago.

Despite being a successful athlete when younger, studying at a prestigious university and being an active participant in student life – even being elected as Vice President of Queen’s University Students’ Union, Eoin had felt his physical and mental health eroding, and his self confidence with it.

In the time that has elapsed, with a holistic programme of consistent coaching at HENCH he has completely transformed his training, nutrition, lifestyle and recovery habits – firstly laying a foundation of vibrant health, and then going on to develop elite level real world strength and fitness resulting in him becoming the leanest, healthiest, strongest and most athletic he’s been in his life.

Eoin’s Progress Metrics:

– Over 15kg of body fat lost, and 10kg of lean muscle gained!
– Double Bodyweight Raw (Beltless, Barefoot) Squats for reps!
– 23 X Bodyweight Chin-Ups!
– Double Body Weight Farmer’s Walks!
– 150% Bodyweight Bench Press for reps!

The metrics are mind blowing and truly world class, but don’t even tell half the story. Eoin is now a completely different person, or more accurately – he has worked so hard, so consistently that has grew into who he is today. This is REAL TRANSFORMATION – from the root to the leaves.



“So in 2012 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes… and probably a year in, I started to actually lose control over it.”

Ali was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as an adult, just four years ago and after seeing a video from HENCH online she contacted us in the hope that she could regain control of her health. She did just this, and a whole lot more – and for this we are extremely proud.

Ali is an inspiration to all of those who have been diagnosed with a condition of the body or mind by their GP, given their prescription and sent to the pharmacy convinced that a steady decline in health span and life span should be expected.

We are not simply born with our genetic fate sealed, modification of gene expression by the right application of stimuli like exercise, nutrition etc. can be life changing – in a very literal sense.



“Like pretty much everybody else every year, you make a resolution – and in this case, the resolution took me to HENCH, and it worked out rather better than my previous attempts… This seemed to represent something different – and it is.”

Like all of our members, Chima has an extremely busy life outside of the gym with huge demands on his time. As a PHD student, he spends most days writing for up to 10 hours a day – leaving little time for much else.

This year, Chima heeded the advice of some of his family members who worked with us before. He abandoned the commercial gym to try something different and in 2017 he has went from zero to 12 (twelve!) bodyweight Chin-Ups, put 39% on his Squat, 31% on his Bench Press, increased his Farmer’s Walk by 41% whilst simultaneously increasing several measures of overall fitness by as much as 25% – all this whilst losing 12kg on the scales!




His early twenties, Peter was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Upon learning this, he was proactive in his efforts to seek ways to help manage his new condition in addition to the medical care he was receiving – reaching out to Personal Trainers in the commercial gym he was training at during this time. He was then issued with the cookie cutter programme, copied and pasted from the internet with no regard for Peter’s unique issues. Unfortunately, this is what happens 95% of the time, based on what we hear from new members. Scary, but true.

Peter then came to HENCH, where he was properly assessed and then joined the HENCH Adult Programme. As part of this programme, he continues to receive individualised advice, coaching, and recommendations based on his unique requirements (as we do with all our members).

As a result of ongoing coaching support in the four key areas of focus for the HENCH Adult Programme which are movement, mindset, nutrition and recovery – Peter is more determined, more focused and has better concentration than ever.

Despite his condition, and a demanding career Peter has conquered these obstacles to become healthiest, strongest, leanest and most athletic he’s been in his life. This process of wasn’t easy, didn’t happen overnight and required a tremendous amount of consistent hard work



“I’ve already achieved the goal of being stronger than before, and I can see the difference on the hockey pitch – this has been my best season so far.”

Fyona is Hockey player at a competitive level who came to HENCH initially for strength and conditioning coaching to improve her performances on the pitch but more crucially to reduce time spent away from playing due to injury.

Our initial priority was the rehabilitation of an existing hamstring injury which had left her sidelined but with individualised strength coaching, paired alongside performance nutrition support and cutting edge regeneration onsite therapies Fyona is now more a more durable, stronger and fitter athlete.