Unfortunately, we cannot make a recommendation for one of our programmes without having first assessed you an an individual. Your injury status, training history and schedule are some of the factors that influence this. We proudly offer the best value coaching available the UK and Ireland.

We offer a mixture of one to one, semi-private and small group coaching. Our classes are capped to ensure the highest quality of coaching and attention, in groups of between 5-20 (with a max coach to client ratio of 1:8) depending on the focus and technical complexity of the session and experience levels of the athlete.

We don’t tie our customers into contracts, but instead offer an honest opinion on timeframes needed to attain certain results when relevant. We operate using on a monthly rolling basis, although some of our members choose to pay for the year or a number of months in advance to avail of a discount.

In some cases. If you’re a fulltime student or opt to pay for your membership in bulk. We also work with a number of corporate wellness rewards programmes. Email us at enquiries@HENCH.io to find out if you are eligible.

Yes and no. The current model of gyms is flawed from a number of perspectives. We believe that a paradigm shift is needed so that people start to regarding strength and conditioning training as they would regard learning a martial art, dance or any other skilled physical pursuit.