Our flagship, life-changing programme – the only one of it’s kind on earth. The aims are strength and fitness which stands up to the tests life throws at us outside of the gym. From a strength perspective, this translates to the ability to safely lift your own bodyweight in the form of callisthenics, the ability to precisely move heavier amounts of weight using barbells and the ability to carry, drag and push you unconventional objects under control.

We chose exercises because they are efficient time-wise at getting physical results such as improvements in strength, muscle size, and work capacity while also improving medically relevant parameters like fasting blood sugar, body fat, waist circumference, blood pressure, bone density,  cognitive capacity – the list goes on. Another major aim is to improve postural balance, mobility, and flexibility. From a fitness perspective, we utilise metabolic conditioning methods to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness in a way that doesn’t detract from strength progress.

In essence, the aim of the RWS Programme is to get stronger, get leaner and get fitter – in a sustainable way. We use all the tools available to use from a movement, nutrition and recovery perspective to ensure produce truly world-class results every time.

We deliver coaching in a private, semi-private and small group setting depending on the experience level of the client and focus of the session.

HENCH is dedicated to the pursuit of strength, wellbeing and resilience. Independent, locally owned since 2012. Results-driven training gym Belfast City Centre.