Head Coach Rory has worked for almost a decade in the fields Strength and Conditioning and Exercise Physiology. He studied Biomedical Science and also Sport and Exercise Sciences at university and is a certified Nutrition Coach. He has coached numerous athletes to become champions at the regional and national level in a range of sports. With over 19 years of coaching and training experience, he has experience of being both a world-class Coach and Athlete having won a silver medal at the WDFPF World Powerlifting Championships and is the only person in history to win that Best Overall Lifter Trophy at the All-Ireland, Northern Ireland and Irish Powerlifting Championships. He recently made the switch to competing in MMA having retired from Powerlifting as Ireland’s #1 at the time and advocates for mental health awareness via his Ambassador for the mental health charities Inspire and TAMHI.




Ciaran has been the linchpin of the team since joining in 2013 as the first graduate of the HENCH Coach Development Programme.

A competitive athlete since a youth, Ciaran played and coached football at a high level before transitioning to strength and conditioning training in his early twenties and went on to compete in Weightlifting competitions. Since joining HENCH, Ciaran has amassed thousands of hours of coaching experience. He has a keen interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation and is a certified Nutrition Coach.


James was an avid rower in his teenage years, prior to transitioning into strength training after having had a taste of S&C training as a competitive athlete. As well as being a graduate of the HENCH Coach Development Programme, James walks the walk as an athlete and is a source of inspiration to our members.


Eoin joined HENCH as a member in 2013, and in the time that has elapsed since then, he has inspired us all by continuing to challenge himself and grow each year, embodying the values behind HENCH. In early 2018, Eoin became the U73kg NI Open Powerlifting Champion working alongside his then coach Rory Girvan and in late 2018 he was accepted onto the HENCH Coach Development Programme.