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30 Day Trial

Our 30 Day Trial is your introduction to our flagship, life-changing programme – the Real World Strength Programme. The programme aims to improve your strength and fitness, priming you for the demands of everyday life.

From a strength perspective, this translates to the ability to safely lift your own bodyweight, the ability to precisely move heavier amounts of weight using barbells and the ability to carry, drag and push unconventional objects under control.

We chose exercises which are efficient and effective in terms of improving strength, muscle size, and work capacity while also improving key health markers. Our approach prioritises movement quality, delivering improvements in postural health, mobility, and flexibility. From a fitness perspective, we utilise metabolic conditioning methods to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness in a way that doesn’t detract from strength progress.

The aim of the RWS Programme is to get stronger, get leaner and get fitter – in a sustainable way. It consists of one to one personal training and small group training delivered in our private training facility, delivered intensively over the period of 30 days– kickstarting your fitness and wellbeing journey.

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12 Week Beginners Strength Programme

This programme is designed for anyone seeking to learn the fundamentals of proper strength training (including the Squat, Bench and Deadlift, basic strongman and callisthenics) and progress their knowledge whilst getting strong, improve movement quality, postural balance and body composition.

The next intake begins in January 2020 and already has been in very high demand.

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Our Approach


To us strength is about moving well and moving often with progressive resistance. We build your strength through loaded movements, designed to improve maximum strength, postural health, flexibility and mobility. This is combined with metabolic conditioning methods aimed at improving your cardiovascular health and fitness. Your strength goals are individual to you. Our team of coaches are always on hand to guide you based on your individual goals and needs.


Our certified nutrition Coaches work with members to develop an approach to their nutritional habits which prioritises their health and wellbeing. Through introducing sustainable lifestyle habits, we help our members to look, feel and perform better. We empower members through education and understanding of the ingredients necessary to fuel their wellbeing and fitness efforts. Once a foundation of vibrant health is in place, significant improvements in performance and aesthetics are often quick to follow. Members work with their Coach to develop an approach individual to them and their lifestyle. We don't offer off the shelf diet plans!


Training is a form of stress. Our ability to recover determines if this is a good or bad stress. Too many stressors like poor sleep, poor diet, excess caffeine or work pressure may result in training becoming a bad form of stress. If stress levels are too high, we run the increased risk of injury, illness or burnout. We help manage our member's stress through carefully designed training programmes, which incorporate recovery therapies such as Infrared Sauna, Cryospa or Contrast Therapy use. When this is in place we are more likely to recover and adapt to training- becoming stronger, fitter or leaner in the process.

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