Our belief is that real fitness cannot exist without a solid foundation of good health and well being. Every facet of our programmes has been designed with this in mind from the perspective of movement, recovery, and nutrition. In short, when the body has the right stimuli, it’s possible to extend both our lifespan (we work with individuals ranging from 18 to 88) and health span (quality of life from the perspective of physical and mental wellness). As charity partners with Inspire Wellbeing and Recovery – mental wellbeing an issue of particular importance to us. 


Our focus is on performance that transfers to the real world. This means raw, unassisted strength training using natural human movements, loaded precisely and progressively to elicit the maximum strength adaptations possible as well as increased flexibility, mobility and stability. When this is combined with metabolic conditioning methods focusing on building aerobic, anaerobic and alactic fitness – we are now ready to take on any challenge the real world, including sport, can throw at us. This is fitness with a real-world application, the stuff that builds true confidence. 


There isn’t much to say here other than the reality that when we focus on wellbeing and performance, that the looking good part just kinda happens as a downstream consequence of this. Again, when the correct environmental stimuli (food, exercise, recovery etc) is provided for the human machine the ‘magic’ begins to happen. We don’t focus on the body beautiful, and indeed don’t even have mirrors in our training spaces – but the reality is that when we look better, we feel better and perform better in all areas in life, from career to relationships and even in sport.